Chopin Airport (Okecie, Warsaw, Poland)

Frederic Chopin Airport

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport

Frederic Chopin Airport (old Warsaw-Okecie) is the main international airport of Poland and located in Warsaw (Włochy district). This poland's busiest and largest airport handles more than 300 regular flights and charters every day.

18:05 LO3924 Krakow Landed (on time)
18:10 SK2751 Copenhagen Landed (on time)
18:15 LO3816 Gdansk Landed (on time)
18:20 LO3848 Wroclaw Landed (on time)
18:30 LO654 Cluj-Napoca Landed (on time)
18:35 AY1145 Helsinki Landed (on time)
18:40 OS631 Vienna Landed (on time)
18:45 LO788 Tallinn Landed (on time)
18:50 BA850 London Landed (on time)
18:55 KL1367 Amsterdam Landed (on time)
18:55 LO574 Belgrade Landed (on time)
18:55 LO136 Istanbul Landed (on time)
18:55 LO226 Vienna Landed (on time)
19:00 LO782 Riga Landed (on time)
19:05 LO646 Bucharest In Air (On time)
19:10 FZ1829 Dubai Landed (on time)
19:10 LO434 Madrid Landed (on time)
19:15 LO538 Budapest Landed (on time)
19:20 LO3948 Poznan Landed (on time)
19:20 LO522 Prague Landed (on time)
19:20 LO776 Vilnius Landed (on time)
19:30 LO634 Sofia Landed (on time)
19:40 LO594 Skopje Landed (on time)
19:55 LO390 Berlin In Air (On time)
20:25 3Z7397 Puerto del Rosario In Air
20:35 3Z7305 Puerto del Rosario In Air
21:00 LO394 Hamburg Scheduled
21:10 LO458 Stockholm Scheduled
21:10 LO354 Munich Scheduled
21:15 LO462 Copenhagen Scheduled
21:15 LO526 Prague Scheduled
18:20 LO531 Budapest In Air
18:30 W61515 Sandefjord In Air
18:40 CA738 Beijing Scheduled
18:50 SK2752 Copenhagen Scheduled
19:25 AY1146 Helsinki On time
19:25 LO3935 Szczecin Scheduled
19:25 OS632 Vienna Scheduled
19:40 KL1368 Amsterdam Scheduled
19:40 BA851 London On time
19:55 LO3825 Gdansk Scheduled
19:55 LO137 Istanbul Scheduled
19:55 LO3921 Krakow Scheduled
19:55 LO3859 Wroclaw Scheduled
20:00 LO3985 Zielona Gora Scheduled
20:15 LO231 Brussels Scheduled
20:15 LO333 Paris Scheduled
20:15 LO375 Munich Scheduled
20:25 LO405 Dusseldorf Scheduled
20:30 LO529 Prague Scheduled
20:35 LO495 Gothenburg Scheduled
20:40 LO383 Frankfurt Scheduled
21:10 FZ1830 Dubai Scheduled
21:15 LO1727 Yerevan Scheduled
Lotnisko Chopina - For Travellers

For Travellers And Passengers

After arriving at the airport find out the number of your check-in desk on information boards, prepare your ID card or passport and a flight ticket and visa. After that, go through security control and then you finally can go to the gate for boarding.

Check-in step-by-step
Chopin Airport Warsaw - Summary



Runways: 2800m, 3690 m.

Operator: Polish Airports State Enterprise

Address: Żwirki i Wigury 1 (Okecie), 00-001 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: (+48) 226 504 220, (+48) 226 501 111

Opening Hours: 24 hours / 7 days.