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Here you will find some information about your luggage.

All information is of general nature only. For details please refer to the rules and regulations of the respective airline.
There aren't international standards regarding the size of hand luggage - please contact your airline.

Hand luggage

In accordance with security rules, passengers in European Union are not allowed to carry liquids and liquid substances in hand luggage. The relevant restrictions apply to all liquids, aerosols and gels (pastes, emulsions, liquid / solid mixtures and pressurized contents, such as toothpastes, hair gels, drinks, soups, syrups, perfumes, shaving foams and other products with similar consistency).
The rules allows to take liquids in hand luggage only to a limited extent. All liquids have to be in containers not larger than 100 ml and packed in a clear, resealable plastic bag maximum capacity of 1 litre. There is a limit of only one 1 litre plastic bag per one passenger.

The above restrictions don't apply to:
- food and milk for infants;
- intended for medicinal purposes;
- liquids are purchased in the duty-free zone, locked in secured bags.
During security checks you have to remove all liquids and liquid substances from hand luggage and separately submit them for inspection.
Other liquids may be placed in checked baggage, with the exception of containing toxic substances, explosive or flammable liquids and aerosols not allowed for transport in cabin and registered luggage.

Hold baggage

Hold luggage is subject to size limits. Limits depend on the requirements of baggage transport and screening process.
Different airlines have own regulations and rules about luggage limits you are allowed to check in - check with your airline before travelling.

For safety reasons, the following items may not be taken:
- flammable solid and liquid materials;
- explosives, firecrackers, fireworks;
- radioactive materials, poisonous or corrosive substances;
- other dangerous objects, e.g. characterized by a strong magnetic field.

The list isn't complete. Please contact your airline for more information.

Baggage handling

Baggage handling services are available to all passengers at Warsaw Chopin Airport.
Baggage handling services include the following:
- collecting bags from your car and taking them to a check-in desk;
- collecting bags from the baggage reclaim hall in the Terminal and taking to your car.

Luggage lockers

There are luggage lockers of different sizes on the arrivals level of Terminal A behind the public bus stop. You can leave your bags for up to 72 hours.
The charge depends on the size of the locker and varies from PLN 12 to 16 per day. The luggage lockers accept only coins (1, 2 or 5 PLN) and don't give a change.
The luggage lockers can't be used to store valuables, electronic devices and flammable items. For more details please read instructions which are available on the spot.

Lost luggage

Lost luggage - Warsaw Chopin Airport

If you realise that your luggage is lost when arriving in Warsaw, please report it at one of two lost luggage offices in the baggage reclaim hall, or contact Lost & Found Office. Available phones Lost & Found service is in the general access zone on arrivals level. The lost luggage offices are run by next agents – Welcome Airport Services, LS Airport Services and Baltic Ground Services.

Central Baggage Search Office (LOT)
Location: Terminal A
Tel.: +48 22 846 17 07
Mail: [email protected]

WELCOME Airport Services (WAS)
Tel.: +48 22 650 43 85
Mail: [email protected]

LS Airport Services (LS)
Tel.: +48 22 206 95 40, +48 22 206 95 50
Mail: [email protected]
- Adria Airways, Aegean, Air Cairo, Air Canada, Air China, Air Malta, Air Memphis, Atlas Blue, Aurela Airlines, Austrian, Belavia, Brussels Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Bulgarian Air Charter, Corendon, Ellinair, Enter Air, FlyEgypt, Hi Fly, JET2.COM, Lufthansa, Luxair, Neos, Nesma, Nouvelair, Pegasus, PLL LOT S.A., Privilege, Qatar, Royal Air Maroc, Ryanair, Small Planet, Sprintair, Swiss, Syphax Airlines, TAP PORTUGAL, Turkish Airlines.

Baltic Ground Services (BGS)
Tel.: +48 22 650 30 52, + 48 601 434 758
Mail: [email protected]
- Aeroflot, Air Baltic, Ukraine International Airlines, WOW Air.

Lost items

If your items are lost at the airport, you can contact the lost property office.

Location: Terminal A, departure level, security control in the CDE area
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 06.00 - 22.00, Weekends and holidays: 06.00-18.00
Tel.: +48 (22) 650 20 06
Mail: [email protected]