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Are you going to fly for the first time? This information can help you to be prepared for the flight. We'll tell you about all required documents, check-in, security control and boarding:

1. After arriving at the airport please find out the number of your check-in desk on flight information boards.

2. Prepare your ID card or passport and a flight ticket or a reservation confirmation. If you fly from Poland to the USA or to a country that requires a visa, you have to present a visa. Your luggage will be checked at the check-in desk.

Check-in steb-by-step - Chopin Airport, Warsaw
3. At check-in desc you'll receive a boarding card with a baggage receipt attached to it. This card also allows you to buy something at shops located in the waiting area and to board the aircraft. Baggage receipt are required in case of any baggage complaints. After that, go through security control.

4. Place your metal items, electronic devices, liquids, hand baggage and overcoat in trays on the conveyor belt.

5. Go through the metal detector.

6. After that you can go to the gate for boarding.

7. When airport staffs announce boarding, passengers have to show their boarding card and the ID card or passport. Then passengers may get on the plane by walking along the boarding bridge or they are transported by bus.

8. Find your place at the plane. Place your hand luggage above or below the seat (it depends on the aircraft). .

Check-in steb-by-step, Step 8 - Chopin Airport, Warsaw