Security control

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For safety reasons all passengers have to go through security check. If you're prepared before passing security control, this process will be smooth and fast. Remember - for the fast security check airport employees are at passengers’ disposal. They can answer your questions and help you to prepare for the security check.

Before security control please make sure there aren't prohibited items in your hand luggage. All your metallic objects, electronic devices (keys, coins, watches, phones, notebooks, cameras etc.) and your hand luggage should be placed in trays and put on the belt of the x-ray device.

Before the metal detector passengers have to remove metal objects from their pockets (keys, coins, watches, phones, large pieces of jewelry etc.).

All liquids, aerosols, gels which you intend to take onboard should be placed in containers with maximum volume of 100 ml / 100 g and should fit in one plastic transparent sealable bag not exceeding one litre.

Security staffs also can ask you to remove your outer jackets, coats or take your shoes off in order to x-ray them.

Security control - Chopin Airport, Warsaw
Depends on x-ray scanning, you may be asked by security officers to open your luggage for detailed search. Also security staff may ask you to open and present some items from your baggage. All unauthorized objects are found in your possession will be requisitioned. Please note - the airport doesn't store such items.

Fast Track

Warsaw Chopin Airport prepared a Fast Track service for the comfort of their passengers. This service allows to fast and conveniently pass through security check. These passengers additionally will also have access to the airport’s lounges.