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Do you want to travel by plane with your child? We have some interesting information about traveling with small passengers.

At first you need to explain your child all about staying at the airport, about flight and what's prohibited during the flight before your travelling. Small passengers have to know what's waiting for them.

Also you need to prepare the documents for the journey. It will allow you to pass through all airport's control.

Before booking tickets you have to check all regulations about travelling with children. You need to know liquid limits which is allowed to take on board. If it's not possible to bring an extra drink for children, you can buy it in chops after check-in or on board.

Keep on eye of the amount of hand luggage - your huge bag and child on hands can cause more trouble. Think also about the content of hand luggage for child (change of clothes, wet wipes, a small pillow, favorite toys and favorite snacks). Between check-in and departure will be nice to play with your child.

Feel free to ask for priority check-in and boarding, for exchange seats or for take a vacant seat when all seats aren't occupied for improve your travel.

Keep on eye of your children during take-off and landing. Young passengers aren't able to cope with pressure changes and parents have to help them. Give your child something to drink or suck when your plane takes-off and lands to reduce discomfort.

You ought to have prepared entertainment for the journey. It will also be entertainment to look at the window. Don't panic if your baby wants to walk on the deck if the signal of the seatbelts isn't active. It's great opportunity for you and your child so the crew and co-passengersand should be understood.

Remember that parents and their child are passengers, so use your rights and don't worry about the crooked looks of another people on board when your child starts to cry or try to get attention. Flight is a pleasure for everyone!